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A Public Arts Committee will be maintained by the City. Terms of office for each of the Committee members shall be four-year, staggered terms. Said Committee shall be comprised of five members as follows:

A. Members of the Committee shall be appointed by the City Council.

B. Prior to making any appointments, the City Council will seek the input and nominations for potential Committee members from City-based registered nonprofit art organizations, entities, facilities, schools, etc.

C. Preference will be shown to City residents and persons who own a business or work in the City; however, qualified candidates from the greater Sebastopol and Sonoma County area will be considered. In making appointments, the City Council shall consider the following categories:

1. Active members of a City-based, art focused, registered nonprofit organization, entity or facility.

2. Persons with experience in the public art field as either an artist, installer or designer.

3. Members of the general public.

4. A member of the Design Review Board.

D. In the event suitable candidates satisfactory to the City Council in the above categories are not available to serve, the City Council may then select any person or persons in their discretion.

The Committee shall maintain a registry of public art in the City and perform the duties required of this chapter and any other chapter or resolution of the City Council pertaining to the City’s public art program.

In addition to development related public art projects or public art projects funded by the public art fund, the Committee shall review and provide recommendations to the City Council on nondevelopment-generated public art projects. (Ord. 1111, 2018)