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An application for a rezone to a PC District shall be accompanied by a policy statement and a development plan for the district. However, when a rezone to the PC District is initiated by the Planning Commission or City Council, the requirements for a development plan may, at the discretion of the Planning Commission, be deferred until such time as a specific development proposal is presented. Under such circumstances, a policy statement which specifies the procedure and mechanism for the submittal to, and approval by, the City of Sebastopol shall be required.

A. The policy statement shall include the following:

1. Description of the location, size and existing character of the property and the surrounding area.

2. Provide a table that specifies the allowable uses, minimum lot sizes, building setbacks, building height, density of development, lot coverage, parking, open space, circulation requirements, landscaping, and other design, construction or control features of the proposed development.

3. Provide a statement defining the relationship of the proposed development standards to the zoning regulations for the underlying zoning district.

4. A statement of the assurances that common open space, common building space and common driveways or other circulation features will be permanently preserved and maintained. This statement shall include methods of maintenance of common areas, and financing provisions of same.

5. Timeline for project development.

B. The development plan shall include drawings showing:

1. The topography of the land.

2. The proposed buildings, creeks, drainage channels and other physical features on site or within 100 feet of the boundaries of the district.

3. A site plan showing the proposed buildings, parking areas, streets, open spaces, lot design, areas to be dedicated or preserved for public use.

4. Uses to be established in the various buildings and areas of the districts.

5. Preliminary sketch elevations of all proposed buildings and photographs of adjoining properties. In the case of single-family dwellings, submit representative elevations. (Ord. 1111, 2018)