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Requests for reasonable accommodation shall be submitted on an application form as required by SMC 17.400.030. Requests for reasonable accommodation shall contain the following information:

A. The applicant’s name, address and telephone number.

B. Address of the property for which the request is being made.

C. The current actual use of the property.

D. The basis for the claim that the individual is considered disabled under the Acts.

E. The Zoning Code provision, regulation or policy from which reasonable accommodation is being requested.

F. Why the reasonable accommodation is necessary to make the specific property accessible to the individual.

G. Review with Other Land Use Applications. If the project for which the request for reasonable accommodation is being made also requires some other discretionary approval (including but not limited to use permit, design review, General Plan amendment, zone change, annexation, etc.), then the applicant shall file the information required herein for concurrent review with the application for discretionary approval. (Ord. 1111, 2018)