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Persons may file an official complaint with the Sebastopol Planning Department in the event that a violation of the permit is suspected. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Planning Director or his designee shall investigate the complaint to determine the location and type of sound. If it is determined that a potential violation exists, the Planning Director or designee, equipped with a sound level meter, shall conduct field surveys when the excessive sound is anticipated. In conjunction with this investigation, the Planning Director shall consider the nature of the complaint, the history of the noise source, and the presence or absence of other complaints. The investigation shall consist of both a measurement and the gathering of data to adequately define the noise problem. Data gathered shall include the following:

A. Nonacoustic data;

B. Type of noise source;

C. Location of noise source relative to complainant’s property;

D. Time period during which noise source is considered by complainant to be intrusive;

E. Duration of noise produced by noise source;

F. Date and time of noise measurement survey. (Ord. 1111, 2018)