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In order to establish a fair and businesslike procedure for the sale or disposal of surplus City property, the following procedures are hereby established:

A. Prior to release of surplus equipment or materials:

1. Department heads may recommend that property, no longer usable or needed in their opinion, be disposed of. No City property shall be disposed of without prior approval of the Finance Officer and all sales, trades or disposal shall be conducted by the Finance Officer.

2. The estimated value of goods to be disposed of shall be set by the Finance Officer in consultation with the appropriate department head and shall be submitted to the City Manager for approval.

3. Prior to such disposal, Finance Officer shall assure that no other City departments need or can use said equipment or materials, and that no reasonable trade or sale with other public agencies can be made.

B. Procedure for release of surplus equipment or materials:

1. The Finance Director may accept advantageous trade-in allowances for City personal property which has a scrap value of less than $10,000 and which has been determined by the Finance Director to be not further required for public use.

2. The Finance Director may direct sale or otherwise sell or dispose of any personal property belonging to the City not required for public use, subject to such regulations as may be provided by the City Council. He shall pay the proceeds into the City treasury for use of the City. Where the property is exchanged or traded in, he shall secure its value in behalf of the City.

3. Notices of sale shall be posted for not less than five business days preceding the day of sale in the City Hall.

4. In the disposition of any personal property pursuant to this policy, the Finance Director may purchase advertising space and may advertise the proposed sale or other disposition of the personal property in such newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals as in his/her judgment will best publicize the proposed sale or other disposition to those persons most likely to bid for or purchase the personal property.

5. Sale or disposition of real property may be on a competitive sealed bid basis, after the Finance Director has submitted a recommendation to the City Council as to the release and possible competitive sale of said real property.

C. City Employees. City employees are eligible to submit competitive bids for any property offered for sale under this policy. Whenever a City employee is the highest bidder, the City Manager shall determine whether the sale has been properly conducted and shall make a recommendation thereon to the City Council for final award of the sale.