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No dog or other animal shall be released by the Shelter Director or her/his deputies until all charges, costs of redemption, and costs of current year’s license charge, if any, have been paid by the owner. The charges and costs of redemption to the owners of impounded animals shall be set by resolution of the City Council in the following categories: (A) a fee for each dog or other animal impounded for violation of this title, and in addition, (B) a fee for the actual cost of board, feed and veterinary care for each day or fractional day of impoundment, shall be due and payable from the owner to the keeper of the impounded animal(s). Upon a second impoundment of the same animal, such animal shall be altered and microchipped before being released to the owner and the cost of such surgery and microchipping shall be added to the redemption fee. The Animal Control Officer is authorized to reduce any fee or penalty if hardship or other good cause exists to justify the reduction.