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The Shelter Director shall keep any impounded animal for the period set forth in SMC 6.12.060 and for such longer period as may be required for any notice to be given under this chapter. At any time after the expiration of such period of time, the Shelter Director may, unless the animal is redeemed by the owner or unless a bona fide home has been obtained for such animal, destroy the same in a humane manner.

Any animal which is voluntarily surrendered to or deposited with the shelter shall be held for the same holding period and with the same requirement of care as stray animals, except that the period for owner redemption shall be one day, not including the day of impoundment, and the period for owner redemption or adoption shall be the remainder of the holding period. This holding period is excepted if the animal is determined by a veterinarian to be irremediably suffering, in which case he/she may be euthanized in a humane manner immediately.