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In addition to complying with SMC 8.36.020, food facilities within the City offering take-out:

A. Shall provide food ware accessories upon request only; and

B. Shall comply with the requirements of Chapter 9-10 (Waste Reduction Program for Carryout Bags) of the City Code of the City of Santa Rosa; and

C. Shall provide options for customers to affirmatively request food ware accessories separate from orders for food and beverages across all ordering/point of sale platforms, including but not limited to web, smartphone and other digital platforms, telephone, and in-person. A food facility or a take-out food delivery service may include lids, spill plugs, and sleeves without request for nonreusable cups for delivery; and

D. Are encouraged, but not required, to charge customers receiving to-go food ware accessories $0.25. Customers must request food ware accessories; and

E. Are encouraged, but not required, to provide a $0.25 credit to customers bringing in their own hygienic reusable food ware for take-out. (Ord. 1135 § 2, 2022)