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Developments shall provide open space as required under SMC Table 17.20-2. Said open space shall conform to the following standards:

A. None of the following shall be counted as part of the open space required by this section:

1. Any access area, open area, or other space required by any other code or ordinance of the City such as a Building Code or Safety Code;

2. Required parking areas or driveways, which are designed and utilized primarily for vehicular circulation. Courtyards and similar facilities, which are designed and utilized primarily for pedestrian use, but through which vehicles may travel, may be considered by the Planning Commission as allowable usable open space;

3. Any area having a dimension of less than five feet; and

4. Any area having a grade of more than 15 percent.

B. The following may be counted as a part of the open space required by this section:

1. Patios or balconies which serve individual units (private open space partially or fully separated or screened from other users) and which have a minimum area of 30 square feet and a minimum dimension of five feet;

2. Uncovered swimming pools, tennis courts, and similar recreation facilities, tot lots, rear yards.

C. In projects of 25 units or greater in residential zoning districts, at least 50 percent of the total amount of open space required on any building site shall be common open space, available and readily accessible to all dwelling units on the site. (Ord. 1111, 2018)