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A. Any proposed bed and breakfast inn shall be compatible with the neighborhood in terms of landscaping, scale, and architectural character. The operation of the use, and any physical improvements related to it, shall be harmonious and compatible with the existing uses within the neighborhood.

B. Excessive amounts of paving shall not be allowed. Tire strips and permeable travel surfaces shall be encouraged. Areas devoted to parking and paving shall not be disproportionate to the site size.

C. Each project shall be subject to inspection and approval by the City for compliance with all applicable codes. An inspection fee may be set by resolution of the City Council.

D. Each bed and breakfast inn which provides food service to its guests shall comply with the provisions of the Sonoma County Health Department as well as all State laws regulating food handling establishments.

E. All California Building Standards Code requirements for the level of occupancy shall be satisfied.

F. All environmental health regulations shall be satisfied, including water supply and septic system capability, if applicable.

G. The bed and breakfast inn shall be registered with the City, and will be subject to the transient occupancy tax.

H. The operator or manager shall reside on the premises.

I. Guest stays shall be limited to 30 days, with a seven-day period between stays.

J. Meals may be served; however, except where the City has approved a restaurant in conjunction with the use, only guests may be served. No cooking shall be allowed in guest rooms. No alcoholic beverages may be sold to guests except where the City has approved a restaurant in conjunction with the use.

K. One non-internally-illuminated sign may be displayed; its size, color, text and location shall be covered by the conditional use permit. The word “hotel” or “motel” shall not be allowed. (Ord. 1111, 2018)