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In addition to the requirements established in Chapter 17.25 SMC and the requirements identified in subsection A of this section, existing and new car washes shall comply with the requirements listed below.

A. The site layout and design shall ensure that there is adequate room for the queuing and drying areas and vehicles will not queue in the adjoining walkways and streets.

B. All washing and automatic drying facilities shall be completely within an enclosed building.

C. Vacuuming facilities shall not be located along public or private streets and shall be screened from adjacent residential properties. Mechanical equipment for powering vacuuming shall be located within an enclosed structure.

D. Any noise from car washing activities, loudspeakers, and vacuuming shall meet the noise standards in the SMC and General Plan.

E. Car washes shall use recycled water whenever feasible. (Ord. 1140 § 4, 2022; Ord. 1111, 2018)