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A. The owner or other person in custody or control of any animal that bites a human being shall immediately notify the Animal Control Officer of such bite, giving the name and address of the person bitten, if known to him/her, and shall obey any quarantine instructions given by the Animal Control Officer and/or Health Officer. The Animal Control Officer may, in her/his discretion, order the animal quarantined at the shelter, at a veterinarian’s office, or at the owner/guardian’s residence and may impose such reasonable conditions thereon as may be required.

B. If any person fails or refuses to obey any lawful order for the quarantine of an animal for observation of rabies, the Animal Control Officer may impound the animal for such quarantine at the expense of the owner. The Animal Control Officer shall charge the owner in such case for the care and board of the animal. Such rates shall be set by resolution of the City Council. The redemption fees provided in SMC 6.12.080 shall also apply to an animal quarantined for rabies observation.